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JH-Mech Hot Selling Folded and Wall Mount Roll Paper Dispenser

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JH-Mech Hot Selling Folded and Wall Mount Roll Paper Dispenser

JH-Mech Hot Selling Folded and Wall Mount Roll Paper Dispenser

Our company presents the innovative and economical wrapping paper dispenser with cutter that fits kraft, masking, newsprint or butcher paper up to 8”, 12”, 18”, 24”, 34”, 36” wide. The easy-load paper system lets you set the paper roll, pull and tear the required size of the paper within seconds. Kraft paper dispenser is a horizontal tabletop tool with a built-in safety cutter that provides a smooth cut and prevents injury.

Paper roll holder with cutter has wide applications in many industries, such as e-commerce, express logistics, printing supplies industry, ceramics, electronic products, sporting goods, etc. Supports 100% recyclable, kraft paper packaging to protect the planet. The heavy duty, steel, kraft paper roll dispenser is durable and long-lasting in rigorous environments. Ergonomic and reliable construction means productive and effortless usage.


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1. What are folded and wall mount roll paper dispensers? 
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1. What are folded and wall mount roll paper dispensers?

The Paper Cutter Dispenser cuts across a space as large as 36 inches at a time, taking care of even the largest rolls of paper. It is able to hold a paper roll as large as nine inches in diameter on top of its core that measures three inches in diameter. It cuts easily thanks to its ultra-sharp, double-sided, spring-loaded blade that makes cutting as simple as pressing down. Our Paper Cutter Dispenser is a heavy duty metal paper cutter that is manufactured out of high-quality, hardwearing steel that has been powder coated to preserve its strength and integrity. On the bottom of the paper cutter, there are rubber feet that help keep it stable on whatever surface you place it on while also protecting the strong paper cutter knife arms and dowel holders that are able to open and lock into position for you to slip the old rolls out and the new rolls in with ease instead of fumbling to keep it open. Make cutting paper with your crafts simpler than ever before with this Paper Cutter Dispenser.

2. What are the details of roll paper dispenser?

Speed up wrapping gifts and parcels

Whether you are getting ready for the holidays, shipping small items for work or simply getting your kids set up for their thousandth craft activity, this sturdy and reliable paper cutter makes it easy. Designed to give a straight, quick cut every time, this wrapping paper holder works with craft, butcher and wrapping paper, as well as other similar paper rolls. It has a strong steel blade that will slice through the sheet as you pull it up. Simply pull out the amount of paper you need and pull up to activate the cutter.

Create an elegant wrapping station

No more hunting for what you need: this cutter combines scissors and wrapping paper holder in one. It can be wall mounted or set on a table top and its rubber feet prevent scratches or slipping during use. Made from high quality materials, it is designed to be easy to use and durable, lasting through year-round wrapping and holiday preparation. This wrapping paper roll cutter can also be used as a butcher paper dispenser and holds rolls of paper up to 18in wide.


3. What is the application of roll paper dispenser?

When you are constantly drawing, painting or just cutting up paper to use as a part of your crafting supplies, it can be tedious having to constantly do so using a pair of scissors, especially because this often leads to imprecise results that have an uneven edge. If you want to cut stable, smooth, perfectly even lines on your paper, no matter what size you need to cut, you can trust this type Paper Cutter Dispenser. This Paper Cutter Dispenser is made to cut away smooth lines of paper with every push, leaving you with a clean cut that's easy to use.


4. Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?

1. We take a leading position in the field of paper cutter dispenser and we have a professional engineering team.
2. We provide different sizes and types, any customized design is welcomed, too. 
3. As a manufacturer, we could reduce the cost and greatly shorten the delivery time.
4. We provide our clients with effective and convenient one-stop service.
5. We could print LOGO on products according to customers' needs, and try our best to meet customers' various customized requirements.


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