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JH-Mech Lumber Storage Rack Supplier

All efficient woodworkers need a reliable way to store their lumber. If you hope to work capably in your shop, then you need to have a lumber storage setup in place that promotes sturdy and easy-to-access storage. This is where a good lumber storage rack can come into play.


A good lumber rack can come with a number of different storage capabilities and there are many special racks on the market that can service any woodworker’s needs.

JH-3 levels Lumber rack-Orange


Material thickness: 1.2mm. Surface treatment: Powder coating.

Dimension of 1 packaged set: 43*17*6 cm

​ Gross Weight of 1 packaged set: 3.1kg/set

​ Load capacity: each level can hold up to 110 pounds.


This easy-to-install rack is perfect for storing a great variety of materials and can be used in a number of applications from basements to sheds to outdoor fences.


From a wood cart to a rotating tower, there are a number of ways to store lumber, so do not think that a wood storage rack is the only way to go. That being said, many woodworkers do prefer to use lumber racks due to their sturdiness and easy accessibility.


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