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JH-Mech Powder Coated Hanging Garden Shepherd Hooks

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JH-Mech Powder Coated Hanging Garden Shepherd Hooks

Vintage look and black finish will add elegance and beauty to your garden. Tall shepherd hooks have a glossy shine and look stunning in almost any garden landscape project.


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What is tool Shepherd Hook?
Applicable Scene
Specs & Details & Maximum Capacity
How to install it?
Packaging Information
Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?


What is Garden Shepherd Hooks?


The Shepherd Hook is the product that can add large hanging items to your yard. The sturdy, round metal rods forming this hook add classic beauty to any surrounding. 

From hanging wind chimes and flowering baskets to tube feeders and lanterns, this hanger helps you achieve both bird feeding success and backyard beautification. The hook beautifully displays hopper, platform and tube feeders as well as hanging plants, outdoor lanterns and other decorative objects. 

The convenient base provides a strong anchor for the entire hook. The black, powder coated finish and solid steel construction durability to the hook, offering several seasons of use.


Applicable Scene


Our metal hangers are widely used for outdoor wedding aisle and ideal for hanging flower pots, solar lights, lanterns, flower jars, candle holders, garden lights, mason jars, string lights, wind chimes, ornaments, flower balls, birdbaths, insect repellents, shooting targets, plant baskets, and also a decorative freestanding for hanging holiday wedding outdoor decors, coconut coco-fiber moss baskets, hummingbird feeders and other accessories!


The Specs & Details about the Shepherd Hook



Different styles

Product Details



Heavy Duty Build: The shepherd hooks are made from durable steel material with a powder coated finish for long-lasting strength and rust resistance. 
Easy Assembly: Each hook comes in three pieces so it is ready to assembly once it arrives. The shepherd hook overall dimensions are 35", 42", 64" .
Stable Base: Extra-long pronged base ensures that these stay firmly planted in the ground while being completely stable.

Strong Bearing:Every single hook can support about 10LB as usual. You can hang flower pots, Solar Lights, lanterns, flower jars, candle holders, garden lights, mason jars, holiday decorations and other garden decorations.


Installation Guide
Easy to Setup and there no plastics or complex assembly involved, simply push the shepherds hook in the ground with your foot and you are ready to go.



Packaging Information

The packaging size can be customized according to the product size, and the packaging quantity can be customized.
35 inches, 4 pack, 88*23*5cm (10 packs 88*23*9cm).
42 inches, 6 pack, 109*25*5cm.
64 inches, 3 pack, 168*31*5cm.
92 inches, 1 piece, 246*36*6cm.


Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?

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