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JH-Mech Removable Compatible with Jeep Wrangler Door Hanger Bracket

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JH-Mech Removable Compatible with Jeep Wrangler Door Hanger Bracket

JH-Mech Removable Compatible with Jeep Wrangler Door Hanger Bracket

If you removed your Jeep's hard doors when want to enjoy the freedom of driving a door-less car, you would know that the doors can get beat up quickly if not effectively stored somewhere away from danger. So that is why Wall Mount Door Storage Hanger is the perfect product to protect your Jeep doors and keep their condition well - for as long as you need them stored.Our door storage hangers carefully holds from inside the window channel to avoid any type of damage , doors remain protected with paint and rubber lining tucked away against the wall. So much better than finding places in the garage to clean them with blankets under the doors to protect the paint.

In this share, we will share the information as below: 

1. Product Detail
2. Product application

3. Installation Instructions

4. Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?

1. Product Detail

1. Feature:
* Store your Doors Up and out of the way.
* Solid Structure with Great Strength and Stability
* Inner Rubber Padding to Protect your Doors
* Can Hold up to 60lb Doors
* Corrosion and Rust-Resistant
* Holds from inside the Window Channel
2. Package Includes:
4PC - 4 Door Storage Hanger with Installation Hardware
3. Note:
Will not work with half or soft doors





* Prevent damages to your Wrangler's doors during the summer months by keeping them up off the floor with the door storage hangers, works with rain guards & will not damage your window seals.
* You can take off the door from your car and just enjoy the sun, wind and the fresh air,getting closer to nature.
* You don't need to place your car door on the ground any more.

2. Product application

3. Installation Instructions



* Each package comes with 2 pair of bracket, nut and bolt.
* No other hardware needed, each bolt with two groove holes.
* Just mount the door storage rack on the wall, then hang the Jeep door on the rack.

* STEP1. Drill 2 holes on the wall and put 2 yellow screw adapter inside.
* STEP2. Hole the door hanger and Make it parallel to the screw hole.
* STEP3. Tighten the screw.

4. Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?

1.To carefully evaluate ROI (return of investment) of the products.
2.To supply exact packing details; design and customized boxing for the products.
3.To supply high quality product photos or advertising pictures for the products which be sold on Amazon. Also we can help our customers to design their logo.
4.To draft the product description or unique advantages in English to be published on Amazon.
5.To ship to FBA warehouses with all duties and taxed paid. 
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