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JH-Mech Black Grey Wall Mount Stylish Storage Hook for Storing Heavy Shovels J Hook Home Storage Racks
✔The garage hook is suitable for all the tools in the garage to help you make full use of all the space in the garage and keep all the tools in order,from bikes to extension cords, garage hanger can be used to help you solve the problem easily.
✔Reduce the clutter and add more space in your garage, garden shed, warehouse or kitchen without worry.
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1.What is Slatwall System?
2.What are the specification of Slatwall System?
3.What are the application of Slatwall System?
4.Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?

1.What is Slatwall System?

Slatwall has come a long way.

If you still think of slat wall as the old, battered, flat-gray slat wall that you see in old retail stores like Sears, then let’s get you up to date.

Slat wall is now become more and more common in garages, as well as stores. Because homeowners want a little more style, you can now get slatwall in various colors, materials and even custom designs.

One other note: In some parts of the country, it’s more common to refer to this as slot wall (with an ‘o’). This is just a different way of referring to the same thing. Since I’ve always heard it called ‘slat wall’, that’s how I’m going to call it in this article.

2.What are the specification of Slatwall System?
Effortless installation.
Constructed with heavy-duty virgin cellular PVC plastic.
96 inches wide.
7.5 inches height.
Equipped with quickly lock feature.

3.What are the application of Slatwall System?

✔Say goodbye to chaos! Keep your tool room clean and organized with Garage Hooks! Garage hooks are also flexible to adapt different scenes such as garage, basement, shed, shop, kitchen, and bathroom, to creates efficient storage space.
✔Garage storage utility hooks design perfect to hold your garden tools. Organize your heavy tools in the garden or garage, shop, basement or warehouse, making it a much neater space.
✔Garage hooks can hold tools of different sizes and weight, meet all your needs.

4.Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?
1. We take a leading position in the field of customized metal products and we have a professional engineering team.
2. We provide different sizes and types, any customized design is welcomed, too. 
3. As a manufacturer, we could reduce the cost and greatly shorten the delivery time.
4. We provide our clients with effective and convenient one-stop service.
5. We could print LOGO on products according to customers' needs, and try our best to meet customers' various customized requirements.