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JH-Mech Specifications for Pet Cage

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JH-Mech Specifications for Pet Cage

I have introduced our pet cages in the previous news. Today, I would like to give some specifications to the readers who are interested in the pet cages.

Please check the following picture:

 This is an assembled pet cage, it has two doors for pets’ entering. And a steel plate to make pets stay comfort while living in the pet cage. In addition to those design, there is a handle for breeders which make them easily to move the cage, even if they want to take it outside.


Here are the procedures of assembling pet cage:

As you can see, our pet cages are integrative. It only needs a little place while transportation, and due to its integration, it does well in assembly. Even if you are absolutely no contact with this product before, it could be assembled in three minutes.

Besides, there are several models of pet cage that could suit for various circumstance:

This model add a fabric cover on the pet cage, the closed environment could make pets stay quiet while the long time movement.

This model considers the pets’ comfort relative to the previous one. The soft material makes the pets live more comfortable than before. 

So, these above are what I want to introduce to you today. All I mentioned in this news is just a little bit. We have a video to show the detailed assembling procedures, please contact us to get it.


And without doubt, as a professional pet cage supplier, we provide custom service. We can custom the best and unique pet cage for your pets.


At last, please give me a chance to introduce our advantages to you, these may let you know why people choose JH-Mech as their supplier:

- We are a professional OEM&ODM and has achieved excellent results in many industries.

- We have various specifications and models and could custom them as you wish. 

- All year round production with high quality.

- Our products monthly supply more than 50 customers from all over the world and the output is 200,000 pieces.

- Fast shipment and delivery.

Hope to make a great business with you!


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