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JH-Mech Sun Shade Sail Poles Supplier

sun shade pole

Our sun shade sail pole relieve your trouble of sweating and exposing to the sun.
With our high-quality sunshade poles, hang up your favorite sunshade sail, you can still lie in the cool yard, patio, garden in the afternoon in the sun and enjoy the wonderful afternoon.Our sunshade sail pole are your best choice. You can enjoy happiness without the skin being poisoned by ultraviolet rays,relieve the trouble of sweating and exposing to the sun.
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1.What is Sun Shade Sail Poles?
2.What are the specification of Sun Shade Sail Poles?
3.What are the application of Sun Shade Sail Poles?
4.Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?

1.What is Sun Shade Sail Poles?

Not only the car, but under the shade of the sail, you can put things needed sun protection or intolerant of high temperature,A piece of coolness in the scorching summer.

2.What are the specification Sun Shade Sail Poles?

The total height of this column is 8.2 ft, a total of 6 sections, each pole in the middle is 1.3 FT, you can adjust the metal pole to the height you want according to the number of poles used.

3.What are the application of Sun Shade Sail Poles?

The Awning Canopy Support Pole can be to hold up string lights, canopies, tarps, tents, or as a signpost. Suitable for your outdoor garden or terrace deck patio backyard cafe bistro wedding party and birthday decoration.

4.Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?

1. We take a leading position in the field of customized metal products and we have a professional engineering team.

2. We provide different sizes and types, any customized design is welcomed, too.

3. As a manufacturer, we could reduce the cost and greatly shorten the delivery time.

4. We provide our clients with effective and convenient one-stop service.

5. We could print LOGO on products according to customers' needs, and try our best to meet customers' various customized requirements.



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