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JH-Mech Utility Wall Mount Garage Storage Hooks Set Steel Ladder Hook

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JH-Mech Utility Wall Mount Garage Storage Hooks Set Steel Ladder Hook

In this share, we will share the information as below: 
What is ladder hook?
Applicable Scene
Specs & Details
How to install?
Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?


1.    What is Stretch ladder hooks?


The ladder hanger can be essential in helping you maintain your home, creating a place to store wheelbarrows, ladders and other bulky items so they take up less space in your garage.
Using a heavy-duty hook, the hanger firmly secures one wheelbarrow, ladder, lawn chair or other item to the wall and out of harm’s way.

2.    Applicable Scene



3.    Specs & Details 


Constructed of powder-coated steel with a durable epoxy finish, the Wheelbarrow and Ladder Hanger is designed to provide long-time stability, corrosion resistance, and rust-free storage.


No assembly required and it's made of carbon steel. The maximum load capacity is 50kg.


4.    How to install


❀Verify the height of the hook is at a convenient location and that the wheelbarrow or ladder has adequate clearance once hanging.
❀Position the bracket on the wall with enough ceiling and floor clearance for the wheelbarrow or ladder. Make sure the rack is level. Mark holes through rack mounting plate, drill 1/8” pilot holes and install screws into stud. Tighten screws firmly.
❀The bracket can hold a wheelbarrow or ladder. Simply place the back of the wheelbarrow or the rung of the ladder in recess of the bracket.
❀The wheelbarrow is held in place against the lip of the bracket by the arms of the wheelbarrow pushing out against the wall. A ladder may simply be held up by one of its rungs.


5.    Packing

The packaging size can be customized according to the product size, and the packaging quantity can be customized.


What JH-Mech can do?

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