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JH-Mech White Mount Universal Wall Hanging Plate Hook Kit Holder

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JH-Mech White Mount Universal Wall Hanging Plate Hook Kit Holder

Product Description
Universal Projector Screen L-Bracket Wall Mount
Easy Adjustable Extension Rack 10-inch Universal Projector Screen L-Bracket Perfect for Screen Placement, Wall Mount.
* L-bracket size: 11 inches
* The adjustable distance design to allow for a projector screen to be mounted from 3" to 10" away from the wall.
* It can hold up to 90 pounds.
The L Bracket is 24.5CM with adjustable distance designed allow for projector screen to be mounted from 8.5CM to 24.5CM away from the wall.
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Adjustable Hooks

Adjust your distance from the wall using the sliding hooks provided. Perfect for installations that require a wall clearance

Easy to Install and Sturdy

Adjust depth by sliding the hook to the perfect position. Easy and quick mounting for mostly *Any Screen!

Mounting Hardware

The universal design can be used with any other brand of screens with adjustable hooks.
High Quality
Keeps your projection screen safe and sound, it can bear 90 lbs.
Mount on the stud, drywall and lumber and feature hooks to hang your projection screen.
L-Bracket hook can move to allowing for corner, chalkboard or television clearance. Better use of space.

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