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Make your gift amazing charming

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Make your gift amazing charming

Make your gift amazing charming

There is a convention that people would like to give gifts to related people on memorable days, such as Christmas days. So, besides the gift itself, how to make the gift charming about its packaging is a important project.

To make your gift stick out from others, we need two things - wrapping paper and paper roll dispenser.
Wrapping paper determines the pattern of your gift, but the paper roll Dispenser determines the whole appearance.
Now, let’s talk about the paper roll dispenser and explain how the paper roll 
dispenser works.

※What is Paper Roll Dispenser?
※How to use & setup the Paper Roll Dispenser?
※How the Paper Roll Dispensers work in the packaging?
※Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?

1.What is Paper Roll Dispenser?
Portable Paper Roll Dispenser - always be used in a convenient way to wrapping paper roll. The wrapping paper which had been cut/dispensed could be used in packaging.
2.How to setup & use the Paper Roll Dispenser?

3.How the Paper Roll Dispenser works while the gift packaging? 
Put your gift on the wrapping paper and than tear out enough wrapping paper to wrap up.


4.Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?
- We are a professional OEM&ODM and has achieved excellent results in many industries.
- We have patents of the portable paper roll dispenser which was granted by the Chinese government. 
- All year round production with high quality.
- Provide custom service
- Our products monthly supply more than 50 customers from all over the world and the output is 20,000 pieces. 
- Fast shipment and delivery.

Let’s make great effort together for the environmental protection!
If you are interested in this product, please contact us for more details. Our Engineer and Technical worker will Service You. 


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