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The firepits spheres are made ready and sent to the port earlier today. Great jobs that we have done for our dear customers from Australia.

After a short period time since the order is placed, JH-Mech arranges the shipment of firepits spheres today. It is for one of our dear customers from Australia.

We spent very little time starting from proposing the designs, checking the cost, placing and executing the order, and then the shipment. Doesn't the sphere look gorgeous? Fabulous artworks.

In order to make it steadily stand on the ground, the strong base is chosen from our team, which will definitely attract your customers to purchase. 

JH-Mech views the package as a part of the quality assurance as well. The plywood boxes is customized in order to avoid any damage of the spheres.

Please do not hesitate to drop me a letter anytime when you want the spheres. 


Charlie Fan