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Stretch Film Aluminum Base Stretch Film Dispenser with Adjustable Handle

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Stretch Film Aluminum Base Stretch Film Dispenser with Adjustable Handle

Holds Most Stretch Film Aluminum Base Stretch Film Dispenser with Adjustable Handle

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What is Stretch Film Dispenser?
Applicable Scene
Specs & Details
Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?


1.    What is Stretch Film Dispenser?


Stretch Film Dispenser is offering this heavy duty industrial shrink wrap dispenser for your business, warehouse, home or office.
Make wrapping anything in your office, warehouse, school or restaurant as effortless as possible.
Stop hand unwinding stretch wrap and make sure to give our stretch film dispenser a try.

The Benefits:

❀ Totally saves your hands from being chewed up
❀ Lightweight for industrial use
❀ Heavy duty - Take a beating and keeps on wrapping
❀ Makes the job go so much smoother and quicker
❀ Works well for storing, securing or shipping

2.    Applicable Scene


Adjust the tension knob as you walk around to get a tighter or looser wrap on your cargo. It can save money by eliminating waste of plastic wrap and labor costs by efficiently getting the job done. Stop hurting your hands with the old fashioned wrap tube! The dispenser with handle will save you time and effort while wrapping pallets and boxes. 


3.    Specs & Details 


❀ Adjustable to fit films range from 12" to 20", with inner diameter between 1.5" to 3"
❀ Ergonomically designed handle for comfortable wrapping. Adjustable tension grip setting.
❀ Chrome plated, easy to grip, commercial grade and durable to make work easier and complete projects quicker.


4.    Packing



5.    Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?



1.    To carefully evaluate ROI (return of investment) of the products.
2.    To supply exact packing details; design and customized boxing for the products.
3.    To supply high quality product photos or advertising pictures for the products which be sold on Amazon. Also we can help our customers to design their logo.
4.    To draft the product description or unique advantages in English to be published on Amazon.
5.    To ship to FBA warehouses with all duties and taxed paid.

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