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The Best Lumber Storage Racks for the Home or Workshop

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The Best Lumber Storage Racks for the Home or Workshop


Lumber stays straight and dry when you store it properly. Whether you have lots of space in your garage or workshop or limited room and budget, one of these lumber storage racks can keep your lumber sound.


When you have to store lumber for a project or a place to keep wood leftovers, you’ll need an area that’s protected from the elements and easy to access. This is where a lumber storage rack enters the picture. Using one can make the difference between wood that stays flat and dry and wood that gets wet, warps, and is rendered unusable. Most lumber storage racks attach to wall studs, but they can also go on ceilings or stand on their own.



A quality lumber storage rack must be strong enough to bear the weight of the wood you plan to store and should be easy to attach to a wall or a ceiling unless it’s freestanding. The following are favorites for their weight support, convenience, and ability to keep lumber dry, organized, and out of the way.



Each of the six shelves of the JH-Mech Wood Organizer can support up to 110 pounds of weight. Together, that’s 600 pounds of lumber the rack can hold. The rack consists of two, 41-inch-tall vertical iron braces, each featuring six bar shelves made from 12-inch, powder-coated steel tubes for strength. The racks are designed to install 4 to 6 feet apart and must attach to garage or workshop wall studs for support. Each shelf offers 7-1/2 inches of lumber-storage space. To store longer boards (10 feet or more), install additional racks end-to-end.


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