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Tool Hooks Set for Tools' storage

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Tool Hooks Set for Tools' storage

Are you still be in confused with multiple tools storage? As we all know, due to the special shape, tools hardly find a suit place to be stored. Such as screwdriver, hammer, shovel, electric drill and harrow, their length, weight, shape are absolutely different from each other, we often store them in different place, but sometimes this may trouble us when we want to find and use them.


So, JH-Mech has pushed out a new product to solve this problem - Tool Storage Hooks Set.

As you can see, this hook set includes several models of hook and could suit for various circumstance. Whatever the tools have handles or not, the hooks could hold them steadily. And if the tools is not big enough to be hold by the hooks, you can hang a tool bag on the hooks and put those small tools in it. ( Like the picture shows )


JH-Mech has prepared many different set for different demands. Customers could combine different hooks freely in order to suit his/her own demand( These hooks are detachable by a metal plate with slot ).


For example:

This is an 8-set model with 6 hooks in. The slot is enough long for suitable distance:


This is a 16-set model with 12 hooks in. Comparing with the 8-set model. The hooks’ models are more abundant and could suit for various circumstance.


And without doubt, you can make your own set as well. Each model of hook has its own price.


As we did and mentioned before, we are improving our product all the time. As a professional hook supplier, we provide custom service. Not only the color and logo, we have a professional engineer team could serving you. Your own design is welcomed by JH-Mech too. Please feel free to contact us if you have any requirement.


At last, please give me a chance to introduce our advantages to you, these may let you know why people choose JH-Mech as their supplier:

- We are a professional OEM&ODM and has achieved excellent results in many industries.

- We have various specifications and models and could custom them as you wish. 

- All year round production with high quality.

- Our products monthly supply more than 50 customers from all over the world and the output is 200,000 pieces.

- Fast shipment and delivery.

Hope to make a great business with you!


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