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Wall Mounted Kraft Roller Paper Cutter Dispenser

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Wall Mounted Kraft Roller Paper Cutter Dispenser


*WALL MOUNTED PAPER DISPENSER - 1 dispenser, 1 roller paper, 1 horizontal fixed strip, fixed strip is a cutter, you can tear your paper to save your artwork or office concept, and 7 sets of screws.

*It’s sturdy, durable, and fun.

*Such a little way to make your home fun. I love that board puts meaning back into handwritten sentiments-and it helps that it's the most adorable thing for any room.

*Super easy to install - took about 15 minutes total - just need a stud finder and a drill (and a ladder for us short people)

*Whether you're gifting yourself or a loved one, our roller comes packed in an attractive lifestyle printed box, ready to be gifted.


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