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What Could Help to Make Home Decor Amazing

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What Could Help to Make Home Decor Amazing

Triangle shelf brackets are the perfect piece for any modern, minimalist or traditional home decor. These wall brackets allow to better organize spaces and to put all sorts of things on display after you place a piece of wood board on this brackets. They will make any room look amazing.


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1.What is a triangle shelf bracket?
2.What are the details of triangle shelf bracket?
3.What is the application of triangle shelf bracket?
4.Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?


1.What is a triangle shelf bracket?



Made of high quality carbon steel with great durability. The triangular metal construction offers a stable, heavy-duty, dependable & durable support. The brackets for wall shelf can play a good role to add a nice look for your bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen and other occasions.


2.What are the details of triangle shelf bracket?



Size - H20cm*D20cm*W3cm, thickness - 4mm.
Thick iron baking lacquer craft bracket, triangular support, stable load bearing, anti-corrosion and rust prevention, rounded corner design, not hurting hands, beautiful and stylish, can load 140 kgs.


3.What are the advantages of triangle shelf bracket?


1. The unique triangular design are adjustable in both directions, so mounting them on either direction can be done which makes it easy for you to use according to your convenience.
2. Suitable for DIY work in the house, can be installed on the wall with screws, easy to install and remove, bring more storage space and organize your small things.
3. After placing a wooden board on this bracket, you can make your house more tidy, save space, and bring an artistic sense to your house. 
4. Fashionable and maximized space. Ideal for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office, garage or basement.


4. Why choose JH-Mech as your supplier?


1. We take a leading position in the field of customized metal products and we have a professional engineering team.
2. We provide different sizes and types, any customized design is welcomed, too. 
3. As a manufacturer, we could reduce the cost and greatly shorten the delivery time.
4. We provide our clients with effective and convenient one-stop service.
5. We could print LOGO on products according to customers' needs, and try our best to meet customers' various customized requirements.



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