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What are the benefits of HVLS fans?

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What are the benefits of HVLS fans?

Benefits of HVLS fans

What are the benefits of HVLS fans?

Comfort and saving simultaneously: 

At the point when it’s hot out, HVLS fans are a genuine help. They work up gigantic segments of air rather than simply little areas, making them exceptionally viable at chilling anybody taking a shot at the floor.

Since the HVLS fans work so well at keeping individuals cool, there’s to a lesser extent a requirement for cooling in offices that are furnished with these machines. An HVAC framework is still acceptable to have, yet HVLS fans will enhance it well, which can decrease the expense of cooling. For office supervisors attempting to locate the correct harmony between agreeable workers and reasonable warming and cooling, matching HVLS fans with an HVAC framework is a success win.

Reduced Cooling Costs: 

Comfort is typically the goal of cooling indoor spaces, and we can achieve that goal in more than the one, traditional way known as turning down the thermostat! With fans aiding in climate control, you can increase your thermostat setting while staying equally comfortable. Each degree the thermostat is increased accounts for a 5% reduction in kWh usage thus if a facility increased its thermostat by 5°, they would see a 20% reduction in cooling costs! As you can see, HVLS fans quickly deliver a return on investment.

Reduce heating cost: 

In winters, HVLS fans Singapore can also run in reverse to redistribute the air. This is particularly effective if you are planning an air circulation strategy that includes a forced-air heating system. Pairing a heating system with HVLS fans typically yields a 30% savings on heating costs by increasing warm air at ground level and reducing heat loss through the roof.

Decreased HVAC Tonnage & Ducting: 

HVLS fan innovation is an extraordinary route for organizations to lessen the carbon impression by diminishing the size of their HVAC frameworks. Additionally, it’s reliably successful to utilize HVLS fans instead of ducting on the grounds that HVLS fans are in administration constantly, blending the air in the space and keeping a steady solace level as opposed to dumping hot or cold air into space.

Pest control:

No one wants pests in his or her building. However, some pests are tricky. Physical barriers like dock shelters or door screens can prevent creatures from flying into a warehouse, but these are most effective when paired with additional measures to keep pests out. HVLS ceiling fans can help with this issue too. Large turning blades will scare away birds, and the air movement can push bugs away as well.

What health and safety concerns do you have for your facility? In many cases, an HVLS fan might be the solution you’re looking for. Reach out to Space Fans so if you still think What Is HVLS Fans you can clear it out.


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