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Customized High Quality Steel 3 Tier Paper Roll Cutter Dispenser Stand



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Customized High Quality Steel 3 Tier Paper Roll Cutter Dispenser Stand

Customized High Quality Steel 3 Tier Paper Roll Cutter Dispenser Stand

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The heavy duty paper roll cutter and dispenser provide you a easy way of life. Whether you're using this product for packaging, gift wrapping, to cut table covers, or in a school environment, it's sure to meet all of your needs!
They are designed to provide you with years of maintenance-free operation. 



·Paper cutter for cutting butcher, craft, or wrapping paper from up to 9"-diameter rolls
·Steel construction with powder-coated finish for strength, durability, and corrosion resistance
·Rod with a built-in double-edged blade holds paper in place and allows cutting both over- or under-hanging paper
·Rubber feet help prevent scratches to tables and counters in freestanding cutter use
Countertop, under counter, and wall mounting (hardware sold separately) to suit various applications
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Each paper cutter is folded and put into a cardboard box then into cartons and polywood box.
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With the help of the rich natural resources in our area and our professional experiences, we are producing and dealing with mechanical parts such as iron and steel castings with further machining, forging parts, stamping parts, flanges at a competitive price. We mainly service customers in industry like machinery, valve, pipe-line, pump, power supplier facility and auto industry, etc. Based on our years of experiences in supplying mechanical parts, we have successfully built up a lot of OEM projects for our customer throughout the world.
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