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JH-Mech Anchor Ground Auger High Quality Factory Steel Powder Coated Automatic Confirmat Ground Top Quality

JH-Mech ground anchors perfectly works with electrical drill to install the anchor quickly and firmly.Just 10 seconds for each stake to install with cordless drill.How convenient for your life!


Metal Rack





Product Description


Product Name

JH-Mech Factory Hot Sales Heavy Duty Steel Ground Anchor


15.84"L x 3.36"W and customized


‎1.66 Kilograms


Black, Silver, Blue, Gray, Red and Customized


Trampoline, Camping Tent



Product details








15.84 inch long size

15.84 inch long size for the length,3.36inch long for width. JH-Mech ground anchors only use premium cold rolled steel,spraying powder for the black coating.Premium quality ensure them reused for multi-times.








Works for all kinds of soils

JH-Mech ground anchors can easily be inserted in ground with electric drill.Even for the hard clay soils ,it also works perfectly.








Fit for all kinds of outdoor activities

A very helpful garden tools for all of your garden and outdoor activities.Such as camping, cabins, pet house, trampolines, swing sets, slides, canopies, campers and fence and so on.

Product Application

Make your life more convenient!

* [Effective Ground Anchor]work with any 3/8" or larger chucked drill, 18V or greater drill recommended. Spiral shed anchor make sure it rotated directly into the soil firmly and quickly,even for the hard clay soil.
* [Upgrade Version]Compared to most manual shed anchors,ours has update the product structure,just use with electric drill(drill was not included)it works better and save your time.
* [Multi funtionality]Suitable for tents,trampoline,swing.,playground playsets,slides,canopies,temporary shelters,family activity rooms, pet rooms, fencing and fence.

Product message

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