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JH-Mech Cup Holder-Width Adjust from 2.95" to 9.6"Height Adjust from 11.8" to 19.7" Holds UP to 55lbs CPU Holder



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JH-Mech Cup Holder-Width Adjust from 2.95" to 9.6"Height Adjust from 11.8" to 19.7" Holds UP to 55lbs CPU Holder

JH-Mech Cup Holder-Width Adjust from 2.95" to 9.6"Height Adjust from 11.8" to 19.7" Holds UP to 55lbs CPU Holder

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JH-Mech CUP Holder Supplier

Adjustable Under-Desk CPU Mount CPU Holder for Under Desk Mount
* Placing your CPU in a convenient, accessible place has never been easier. Mounts to the underside of you work surface to keep
   it conveniently accessible. Sturdy steel construction.
 * Screws securely to desk table top (undermount)
 * Side and bottom brackets to firmly hold your CPU in place, sturdy steel construction.

JH-Mech CUP Bracket Supplier

 * Easy to adjust width and depth to fit different desktop and tower PCs. Please check dimensions carefully to ensure
 * Increase the lifetime of your PC by reducing the intake of dust and dirt from floors.
 * Thickness:0.8"(2mm)
 * Material:cold rolled carbon steel(SPCC)
 * Load-bearing Capacity: 55 pounds.
 * Solid Construction
 * Large contact area with the desktop, not easy to tilt.

JH-Mech CUP Holder Details

Spring Buckle
401 stainless steel quality hardware, rust-proof, hand a light press, you can easily push and pull, adjust the width you want.

Solid Construction
Solidly constructed with cold rolled carbon steel(SPCC). This durable design ensures the safety and security of your PC while positioned inside the mount.

Adjustable Height & Width
Safe adjustable buckle. Adjustable height can meet different main box,height from 11.8" to 19.7"(300-500 mm).

JH-Mech Under Desk CUP Holder

The length of our mounting screws is 0.079 inch/2 mm, suitable for desktops greater than or equal to 0.079 inch, no need to punch holes, just screw the screws into the table, this is already strong enough.

Upgraded models, increase the contact area with the desktop, more stable.

JH-Mech Adjustable CPU Holder

Fits most computer towers with adjustable height from 11.8" to 19.7"(300-500 mm),width from 2.95" to 9.6"(75-245mm).Thickness:0.8"(2mm). The mounting bracket can safely withstand any CPU under 58 pounds.Sticky EVA pads protect your computer tower from potential scratches.

JH-Mech Cumpture Case Holder

Solid Structure
Upgraded version.Top mounting design improved,will not tilt.This CPU Holder and hardware parts are made from cold rolled carbon steel.The surface has been treated with environmental plastic spray to prevent rust,extending the service life.

JH-Mech Computer Case Design

The brackets make it easy to secure and mount any desktop PC to the wall or side of the desk. Everyone needs a CPU bracket to protect their PC. Computers located on the floor are in continual danger of being jostled and kicked, not to mention the difficulty in accessing the drives, ports, and card readers.

JH-Mech Under Desk Computer Case Holder

Desktop computers and PCs that sit on a desk take up valuable work space, look cluttered and unorganized, and run the risk of being damaged by a soda or coffee spill. The Desktop CPU Wall Mount Bracket protects the PC and creates a more functional, organized workspace. 

Computer Case Holder
Metal CPU Holder

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