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JH-Mech Custom Speaker Holder Supplier- Set of 2 Pair Heavy Duty Metal Supports 90 Lbs for Professional Audio PA Speaker


L Brackets




JH-Mech Speaker Holder Supplier

180° Adjustable Swivel Angle Wall Mount Speaker Bracket
These versatile wall mount brackets allow you angle and tilt your speakers once installed. Hang your speakers in a convenient location and to create a more acoustically favorable environment. Mount them at home, in the office or in the studio; perfect for all audio applications. Enjoy safe, durable and reliable speaker positioning and hang them up.

Product Name Wall Mounted Speaker Bracket
Color Black or Customized
Distance From Wall 15.35 inches
Weight Capacity 3.5 lbs
Tilt Angle Adjustment 180°
Features Durable, Rugged, Reliable
Pin Material Solid-Steel Pin
Weight 6.7 Pounds

JH-Mech Speaker Holder Size

Dual adjustable wall mount speaker promotes safe & fixed speaker mounting. Each speaker wall bracket features 3.5 lbs max load capacity & a total assembled dimension of 17.5 x 2.5 x 9.5 inches.

JH-Mech Adjustable Speaker Holder

Dual adjustable wall mount speakers are 180° tilt-swivel angle adjustable. It is secured with a solid-steel pin that serves as safety-stop and effectively elevates speakers for optimum sound. 

It features 15.35 inches long arm distance from the wall with 4.5"W x 9"H base measurement. It safely hangs speakers on flat wall surfaces without having them touch or vibrate from the wall. The product weight is 7.03 lbs.

The product features a solid-steel pin for secure placement of a speaker attached to the bracket holder. It supports the weight of the speaker up to 77 lbs and prevents it from collapsing.

JH-Mech Speaker Holder in Home

More Features

35 mm COMPATIBLE INSERT: Flat wall mount speaker works with all speakers with 35 mm (1.375') pole mounts. An ideal heavy-duty audio holder for loud music, pa speakers, studio monitor with rugged, durable, and reliable metal for long-term use.

BRACKET STAND HOLDERS: Universal speaker holder is a heavy-duty reinforced solid formed steel construction. It mounts permanently and securely in most environments. Each bracket weight is 3.5 lbs.

JH-Mech Speaker Holder and Accessory

One set includes 2 Universal Speaker Bracket Wall Mounts. They'll hold any speakers equipped with standard 35 mm (1.375') pole mounts.

JH-Mech Speaker Holder Outdoor

☑Rugged, Durable & Reliable
☑Heavy Duty Reinforced Solid Formed Steel Construction
☑Mounts Permanently and Securely in Most Environments
☑Safely Hangs Speakers on Flat Wall Surfaces
☑Universal Standard 1-3/8'' (35 mm) Speaker Insert
☑Added Solid-Steel Pin Serves as Safety-Stop
☑180° Tilt Swivel Angle Adjustment

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