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JH-Mech Door Hook Supplier-Adjustable Height Towel Hooks Over the Door Inscription Towels Coat and Hat Hook


Metal Rack





JH-Mech Door Over Clothes Hook

Over the Door Rack
Reversible Z-shaped Design - This over the door hook is engineered with the Z-shaped reversible constriction, which ensures it can fit the two popular door widths that includes 1 3/8” and 1 3/4” wide. Therefore, you can just sightly hang it over the door to create storage space and organize your clothes and items.

JH-Mech Over Door Hanger

Create Instant Storage Space With No Time
Have you ever been troubled by your cluttered room or feeling anxious about looking for your keys or coats when you wanna go out.
If you are dealing with this situation, please don't miss these over the door Z-shaped hooks.
It can serve a variety of purposes, helping you better organize your house and providing you with a handy place to store the clothes and items that you want quick access to.
Hanging a convenient over the door hanger, providing you with a more tidy and orderly room and presenting a simple and elegant lifestyle.

JH-Mech Door Hook

High Quality with Sturdy Metal
Crafted with heavy duty metal, the over the door hook is durable and strong enough that will not deform and snap easily. And the load-bearing data of the door hanger hook is up to 15 lb, holding up your clothes like coats, towels and items like purses, belts and shoe organizer effortlessly and steadily.
Because of the Z-shaped constriction, it can be applied to most door in your house. So you are capable of placing it in your front door to hang the necessities of going out like keys, purses and umbrellas. 

JH-Mech Door Hook Detail

How to know whether your door fit this?

1. Place a nickle on the top of the door plank.

2. Gently close and reopen the door.

3. If the nickel still remains on the top of it, it means the gap between the door and the door plank is enough for the door to shut.

JH-Mech Door Hook Material

Heavy Duty Material

This over door hook is made from heavy duty metal that ensures that the hook is sturdy and durable enough to hold on the clothes and items steadily. And it can support 15 lb of weight.

The dual-lacquered surface ensures it's rust-proof and anti-corrode. So it can last for a long time and can also be used outdoor.

JH-Mech Door Hook Loading Weight

High Quality

The package of this door hanger hook comes with some soft sponge pads for you to protect your door and keeping the items that are hung on the hook steadily. So there is no need to worry the smooth surface of your inviting door being left some displeased scratches or some items falling off.
And the load-bearing data of the door hanger hook is up to 15 lb, holding up your clothes like coats, towels and items like purses, belts and shoe organizer effortlessly and steadily.

The protective cover can offer fiction to the door hanger. Keeping the items on the door hooks remains still even when you slam the door. And it can also isolate the door plank from direct contact with the door hanger. So it can prevent scratching from the door hangers.

JH-Mech Door Hanger

Our over the door hooks are dual-lacquered, which mean it have an anti-corrode layer that ensures the door hook will not rust and can be used for a long time. And the smooth curve design can protect your clothes being punctured or damaging your valuable items.
And it also can be used in bedroom to hanging the clothes like coats, hats, scarfs that you replaced after you back home.

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