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JH-Mech Heavy Duty Backyard Upgraded Thickened Steel Festoon Pole Outdoor String Light Poles

Are you looking for something to hang the string lights or party decorations, so as to decorate your backyard, lawn or garden to celebrate the coming special outdoor events, like Birthday, Wedding, baby showers, Family Unions, BBQ, etc?


String Light Pole





Are you looking for something to hang the string lights or party decorations, so as to decorate your backyard, lawn or garden to celebrate the coming special outdoor events, like Birthday, Wedding, baby showers, Family Unions, BBQ, etc?
Product Name
Outdoor Sun Shade Pole 
Straight, thick, stable, rust-proof
Powder Coated Pole Outside Diameter: 3'' 
Thickness:12.5 gauge 
Total height: 112 inch
Used to hold up sun shade sails, canopies, tarps, string lights, tents, or as a sign post.
Product Description
JH-Mech string light pole, which is designed for commercial-grade outdoor string lights or party decorations, is great for your outdoor decoration needs, like hanging string lights, patio lights , ornaments, party decorations, wind chimes, small hanging plants, fairy lights, flags,Christmas lights, lanterns, mason jars or colorful bunting decorations.
JH-Mech string light pole is made by our patent. The difference from others string light pole is that its material is made of waterproof thickened galvanzied steel with high quality black powder coating. And the string light pole is very strong, the bearing capacity is stronger than others, will not be bent.The Big 5-Prong Fork design is wider and longer than others, even if you go out to travel and use it outdoors, it will not be easily fall by the wind. It has three installation methods, which can be installed in any scene you want to install, even on the concrete floor.
Product information:
Super Easy Installation Process:
Usage Scenarios

D-type Fixing Buckle

Used on flat ground such as concrete and wood floors, with two kinds of nails in the accessories: "expansion screw" for concrete ground use(When used for concrete you need to use an electric drill to drive them in), and "wood and iron self-tapping screws" for wood ground use.

Holiday and Party

When you are at a party or festival with friends, you can hang balloons, flags, lanterns and other decorations on the string light pole to enhance the atmosphere and make you have more fun!

Patio and Garden

You can install the string light poles in the garden, balcony or swimming pool wherever you want to decorate. Put on christmas decorations at Christmas Day, birthday decorations at birthdays, etc. To make your house look more beautiful!

At the Wedding

When holding a wedding, you can hang string lights, balloons, bouquets in the string light pole to decorate. Let you have a perfect wedding! The string light pole can be disassembled and stored after use.
Multiple Uses:
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Packing & Delivery

STRONG and SPACE-saving Packing:

Foam tube plus 7-layer carton box, prevent the goods from being damaged during shipping.
Company Profile
JH-Mech Enterprises , a professional manufacturer more than 9 years.
We have our own factory, warehouses, D&R department. We can provide OEM &ODM service. We are here looking forward to cooperating with you!
1. Q:How many string light pole come in the package?
A: 2 outdoor string light poles in a package.

2. Q: What kind of light pole do you use for string lights?
A: 25mm galvanized steel light pole with 1.5mm wall thickness.

3. Q: How tall should a string light pole be?
A: The usual length of the outdoor light pole is 2.75m from the ground.

4. Q: Is this string light poles stable?
A: They are very stable. I think due to the Claw at the bottom and the stable screw joint.

5. Q: Are the accessories for the three installation methods of string light poles included? Do i need to buy hardware accessories again?
A: Hello, this set of outdoor light string poles includes all accessories. No matter which installation method you choose, there are corresponding hardware accessories and tools. You do not need to purchase other accessories.

6. Q: Does the outdoor light poles includes the lights?
A: No, this product does not include lights.

7. Q: Can i remove the fork end? I want to use these on my deck. they will be way too tall if I need to put them in flower pots.
A: Hello, the front and end of the outdoor light pole can be removed and replaced at will. The three installation methods are complete with accessories, and you can choose the corresponding installation method according to your needs. It can be easily installed whether you are on the deck or in the garden.
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