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JH-Mech LAT Pull Down Bar Supplier-39 Inch Straight Bar and Carabiners Set Easy Grip EVA Wrapped Cable


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JH-Mech LAT Pull Down Bar

Turbocharge Your Full Body Workout With A Premium Pulldown Attachment Set!

Cable machine exercises strike the perfect balance between convenience, versatility, and performance at home or the gym. Pair your cable workout with some dedicated cardio, and now you’re firing on all cylinders. A professional pulldown LAT system can boost your gym strength-building workout but will also help you stick with your fitness schedule in the comfort of your home gym.

JH-Mech Gym Pull Down Bar

Presenting An Elite LAT Bar Cable Attachment Set!
Our complete pull down attachment set is designed to help you put an entire fitness routine in one place and build muscle in all the key areas. It includes a pro standard LAT attachment for training those arms and back, as well as a straight cable pull down bar for efficient biceps and triceps workout – PLUS, we have added 2 solid carabiners for effortless attachment to any cable machine.

JH-Mech Lat Pull Down Bar Specification

Comfortable Grip
Both our pulley attachments have nonslip EVA foam coated handles that do not tire your hand and ensure an easy, firm, and safe
grip - even without wearing gloves!

JH-Mech 38.5inch pull down bar

Stronger Construction
Our cable machine bar set has a load-bearing capacity of 300kg (600lb). It is made of durable iron and will resist heavy daily use
without breaking or rusting for years.

Longer Handles
Our LAT pull down accessories have 38.5” long handles, offering a wider grip for exercises like Wide-Grip Lat Pull-Downs, or
Reverse Close-Grip Lat Pull-Downs.

JH-Mech Pull Down Bar

2 Carabiners Included
To take the fuss out of your LAT attachment installation, we included in your set 2 sturdy carabiners for instant attachment to any gym cable system.

All-Inclusive Set
Equip your gym or home gym with a well-constructed, extra-strong, easy-to-use set of 1 LAT pull down bar, 1 straight bar, and 2 carabiners.

Best combination

Kick-off your regimen with Wide-Grip-LAT-Pull-Downs, Reverse Close-Grip LAT Pull-Downs, Behind-the-Neck LAT Pull-Downs, and then proceed to Triceps Pushdowns, Straight Bar Curls, Biceps Cable Curls, or Cable Straight Arm Pulldowns. 

First-time users may need to adapt and adjust, but it’s smooth sailing once you get the hang of it!

JH-Mech Pull Down Bar for Machine

Must-Have LAT Bar System For Men And Women!
Whether you are a fitness studio owner or a passionate home fitness addict, this set of pulley attachments is for you. It will help you work all muscle groups and boost your muscle strength or muscle endurance schedule.
It is modern, comfortable, and reliable making a great gift idea for bodybuilders, weightlifters, men, and women home fitness enthusiasts.

JH-Mech Pull Down Bar Accessory

What You Get:
1 * LAT Pull down Bar
1 * Straight Bar
2 * Carabiners

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