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JH-Mech Metal Wall Mounted Kraft Paper Roll Dispenser Hanging Note Dispenser 18''



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JH-Mech Metal Wall Mounted Kraft Paper Roll Dispenser Hanging Note Dispenser 18''

JH-Mech Metal Wall Mounted Kraft Paper Roll Dispenser Hanging Note Dispenser 18''

Versatile mounting methods make the cutter fit into any room or environment: ✓ Mount on the wall for quick lists and menus ✓ Use under counters for fast wrapping or fill in a package ✓ Always have paper available for coloring ✓ Expand the feet and place on desk to make a temporary work station. ✓ Rolled paper keeps clean, fold-free paper for seamless backgrounds in your photography studio

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Product Description

                                        Paper Cutter Roll Dispenser wall mount Kraft


If you are a thinker, the studio roller offers you an effective way to write down your ideas and analysis on the board;

If you are an owner of a restaurant or a coffee bar, it will be a very impressive way to display your manus on the wall;

If you are a mother or father of kids, you don't need to be worried about their doodle anymore, and it is also a very convenient way to save their art work.


It has multi-purpose function, our goal is to make your life more convenience!






*Comes with 3 sets of screws, can be mounted into either cavity wall or solid wall

*The fixed bar is a cutter, you can always save your art work by tearing off paper

*It is a perfect way to display cafe or restaurant manus, your ideas, jobs, lists, or worked as children's graffiti wall


Product name:
Paper Cutter Roll Dispenser wall mount 
Powder coating 
Cutter butcher, craft and wrapping paper
Counter top, under top and also wall mounting
Wall mount
18",24" 36" and customized
100 pcs
More Details

*The bracket is made of 2.5mm thickness steel, can weigh up to 22lb paper roll

*Fit for 24" kraft paper roller, NOTE: kraft paper roll is not included, only steel frame


*The Paper Roll Holder is the perfect way to display artwork, menus, lists, diagrams -- you name it!

*Works wonderfully in homes, offices, restaurants, classrooms, home schooling, and more Fits 24" Kraft, Butcher Paper, Freezer, or Wrapping Paper Rolls

*Heavy Duty, made from aircraft-style aluminum for strength and longevity. Powder Coated, will not rust with Lifetime Service Policy

                                           18 inch wrapping and kraft paper roll dispenser and cutter

                                               Simple Design Easy To Install And Use



Reference size as follow:

Paper Dispenser
Eco-friendly Wrapping

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