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JH-Mech Mountain Forest Design High Purchase Rate Sensational OEM Design Fire pit Sphere

This outdoor wood-burning fire pit ball will add a unique focal point to your outdoor entertaining space. The fire pit features a cast iron construction with an oxidized finish for a rustic and charming look. Plus the star cutouts help add extra ambiance to your patio. This fire pit comes in just two pieces so all you have to do is place the sphere onto the cylinder stand and it will be ready for use.


Firepit & Grill





Product Description
Product Name
Fire Sphere, Hemisphere, Fireplace, Fire pit
Rusted or Black
Ball or hemisphere
Thickness of the Plate
3mm,4mm, or 6mm
300/400/600/700/800/900/1000 mm
20 to 180KG
Surface Coating
Rusted surface or High temperature resistance paint
1 pc
JH-Mech Advantages:

1. OEM Fancy Designs for free: Once you could get us an idea of the design, our team will help you to deliver. The whole designing
process is for free.

2. Rich Experience: Being in the business for more than a decade, we really went through so much working for many customers. We
are able to get you door to door service after the design is confirmed and the purchase is made.
A better shipping rate can be found as we are working with many great shipping agents.

3. More Solutions and more possibilities for you... Send me messages please.
Product Details
1. Beautiful and Smooth Line
2. Cutting can goes down to 2mm the least.
3. Dirt left on the suface of sphere will be polished.
4. Supportive on advertising that can save a lot of your time.
* Heavy duty cast iron material that makes for a classy rustic aesthetic.
* Drain Hole will help to get out the water easily.
* Solid Welding makes it to be durable all year long.
Product Display
Safety Tips​ and Fire Pit Care
Safety Tips​
* Place your fire pit 10 feet from any structure or neighboring yard.
* Do not place your fire pit under a covered porch, trees, or on a wood deck.
* Flammable materials must be more than 5 feet away before starting your fire.
* Do not use your fire pit if it is too windy or too dry.
* Never leave your fire pit unattended as wind can quickly kick out sparks.
* Always use a poker when trying to move logs in the fire pit.
* Use a spark screen to keep embers inside the fire pit.

Fire Pit Care:

* Always cover your fire pit when not in use, a cover can be purchased separately.

* Dump ashes into a metal barrel as ashes can remain warm for many days.

* Clean your fire pit regularly to prolong the life & look of your fire pit.

* Store your fire pit indoors during inclement weather & winter months.
Packing & Delivery
QC System
We believe the only way to maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with our customers is to have the best quality. Therefore, we attach much importance to quality control.
We have the QA system for the production checking before and after the mass production. Also they have high technique knowledge to help factory solve the technique problems during the production develop and mass production.
According the standard, we are making examinations not on raw materials but also on products a series of testing will be processed in production, ambulatory inspection, sample checkout, and overall products examination.
In addition, our employees are all experienced strict training. We all understand our principle " quality is life". Accordingly, we are all struggling for offer you customized laser cutting and sheet metal fabrication service.
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