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JH-Mech Over Door Hanger Supplier-Metal Clear Long Clothes Wall Mounted for Living Room


Metal Rack





JH-Mech Words Door Hook

Over the Door Rack
Compared to freestanding towel holders, this is a super space-saving solution! Durable, rust- and water-proof metal ensures that the towel rack for door stays in great condition for a very long time to come. With the door rack you can keep your bathroom organized and tidy in a stylish way!

JH-Mech Door Hanger

Sturdy Metal Materials

 * Meterial: This towel rack is made of high manganese steel as raw material, which is very sturdy and durable.

 * Blasting Process: The black coating on the surface is sand blasting process so that has a frosted and matte texture.

 * Sturdy
 * No fading
 * No rust
 * Simple elegance

JH-Mech Over Door Hanger Size

Two Ways of Hanging

Hang It on the Door: You can assemble the 2 handle to the towels rack to hang it on the door. The thickness of the door needs to be less than or equal to 1-3/4".

Screw It on the Wall: If you prefer to install the towel holder on the wall, you can also use the screws in the set to install it on the wall.

Suggestion of Door Size
1. Recommended thickness of your door: less than or equal to 1-3/4", so that the towel rack can be hung on the door.
2. Recommended gap between your door and door frame: Greater than or equal to 1/16", so that your door can be opened and closed freely after hanging the towel rack.

Assembly Tips for Hanging on the Door
After the first assembly, if you find that the handle of the towel rack is blocked by letters, please don't worry.
At this time, you just need to swap the left and right handles with each other so that you can get a perfect towel rack.

JH-Mech RV Door Hanger

Suitable for Your RV
If you want to find a towel rack for your RV, the size of this towel rack is very suitable for hanging on the door of the RV.

The towel rack can be installed on the door or wall of the bathroom, bedroom, living room, if you want to find a towel rack for your RV, the size of this towel rack is very suitable for hanging on the door of the RV.

JH-Mech Towel Hook

The aesthetically pleasing lettering of the towel racks for bathroom is made in modern farmhouse style and offers a minimalistic & beautiful way to add unique charm to your master & guest bathrooms!
Over the door towel racks for bathroom are ready to store your towels for a long time to come - long-lasting, rust- and water-proof metal of top-notch quality does the trick!

JH-Mech Door Hook Installation

If you need to nail the towel rack to the wall instead of hanging it on the door, you can install it according to the above steps. One set includes Towel rack × 1, detachable handles × 2, 3M double sided tape pads × 3.

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