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Address:No.4 Wucheng Road, Taiyuan, Shanxi, P.R.China 030006

Trade Manager: Susan Zhang


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JH-Mech Roll Paper Cutter Dispenser Supplier-Steel All-In-One Wall Mount Paper Cutter Dispenser with Serrated Blade


Foldable Paper Cutter Dispenser




The heavy duty paper roll cutter and dispenser provide you a easy way of life. They are designed to provide you with years of maintenance-free operation.



·Paper cutter for cutting butcher, craft, or wrapping paper from up to 9"-diameter rolls
·Steel construction with powder-coated finish for strength, durability, and corrosion resistance
·Rod with a built-in double-edged blade holds paper in place and allows cutting both over- or under-hanging paper
·Rubber feet help prevent scratches to tables and counters in freestanding cutter use
Countertop, under counter, and wall mounting (hardware sold separately) to suit various applications
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