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JH-Mech Street Road Signs Supplier-Road School Traffic Safety Sign Making Machine Traffic Aluminium Rail Sticker Warning Boards Street Road Signs


Custom Metal Products




JH-Mech Road Sign Supplier

Product description
 * The "Stop Sign" design with simple white bold letters on the red reflective plate draws people's attention to its content. 2 pre-drilled holes at the top and bottom for easy mounting on any surface including walls, fence, post, poles and gates. Reflective signs illuminate when struck by light from headlights or any other source and is hard to ignore. This makes the message readable even in the dark .

Metal Sign Specification
Product Name: Custom printed road safety warning temporary traffic speed sign
Style: Reflective Signs or Non reflective warning signs
Country of Origin: China
Material: Reflective sheeting + Aluminium Plate
Color: Yellow/red/blue+white/orange/custom
Used: Traffic Control Signs, Safety Signs, Warning Signs
Feature: Strong Aluminium, waterproof, not rusty, long service life.
Size: 12" x12" x 0.04" Metal sign

JH-Mech Metal Sign Supplier

Heavy-duty Aluminum
Sturdy and Durable Rust-Free Aluminum material Thicker than the competition.The thickness is 3MM.

JH-Mech Metal Street Sign

Our Heavy-duty rustproof aluminum signs can withstand inclement weather without fading. Outdoor service life up to 7 years.

All signs come with rounded, burr-free corners and 3/8 inch punched and pre-cleared holes. Signs mount to U-channel posts, square or round galvanized posts, wooden posts, and chain-link fences.

JH-Mech Sign Aluminum

Different road need different grade of reflective materails
For highway, may always use diamond grade or HIP reflective sheeting.
For city road, HIP or EGP grade reflective sheeting will be good enough.
For country road, most people would like to choose commercial grade reflective sheeting.

Laminated Protection 
With lamination, graphics are protected from weather and abuse to preserve a fresh look.  Graffiti can be cleaned off too.  Clear UV laminate resists chemicals, UV rays, water, and abrasion.

3M Authorized
Signs use official 3M Reflective Engineer Grade film and are printed with 3M screen printing or 3M outdoor digital inks designed specifically for outdoor traffic and property signs - providing ultimate quality and assurance.

JH-Mech Stop Sign

Application scenarios
Sometimes we see the signs like this one is the park or on the private road, and it warn us "no turn around at the end of road", we can see it clearly enough to improve our security. 

JH-Mech Danger Sign

Photoluminescent Surface
This Sign adopts the reflective material. After being illuminated by the light, the sign can be reflected when struck by the light because the light refraction principle.

Easy to Install
No Smoking Sign aluminum sign has 2 pre-drilled holes and can be easily mounted on every surface.

JH-Mech Sign Supplier
Material  0.40 Heavy Aluminum  3M Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting Aluminum  3M Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting Aluminum 
Size  12" x 12"   18" x 18"  24" x 24" 
Item Thickness  0.04inch  0.06inch  0.08inch 
UV Protected   ok ok ok
Fade Resistant   ok ok ok
Indoor/Outdoor Use  ok ok ok
Reflective Coating  ok ok ok
Waterproof  ok ok ok


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