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JH-Mech Energy Saving Warehouse Big Fly Fan 24tf HVLS Ceiling Fan Industrial

JH-HVLS fan is a kind of ceiling fan which has larger diameter than 16 feet, majorly reply on size rather than on speed to move a specific volume of air, as opposed to a small, high-velocity fan that generates small, turbulent air flow. HVLS fans are used in a wide variety of industrial and commercial spaces, sometimes to work jointly with HVAC systems for energy saving purpose.


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Product Description
JH-Mech HVLS natural wind industrial fan adopts the German Lenze motor, with high efficient, trouble-free motor to ensure first-class power. The fan blades are made of aviation magnesium aluminum alloy, with hard texture, triple safety insurance inside. Maximum 7.3m diameter ensures the large area coverage.

  • Natural wind blows in areas of more than 1000M2
  • Circulating wind volume of 16000CMM
  • Energy-friendly low speed of 0~55RPM
  • 40-50dB low noise
  • Dehumidification for storage space
  • Make full use of space, institute for large quantities of small fans

After-sale service for you:
* 3-year warranty period
* Any part with failure caused by non human factors can be exchanged by a new one during warranty period.



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